Friday, February 6, 2015

Healthy Wealthy Ninja Blog #1

So as I am aging in life I am starting to be aware of how health is so crucial to a joyous adventure. Now I can't say that I've always been the best in being healthy, but as the saying goes, "It's always the right time, to do the right thing."

So with that in mind, I've decided to research some options for us humans to be proactive as possible in our daily habits. I know that we partake in consumables, however I am seeking to change my habit into "prosumables" which to me is selectively being mindful of what we put in our bodies.

It is said that we only live once, so maintenance and positive consumption is the key to a less stressed body. Here is a video clip that I explore and share a glimpse of the world of healthier drinks. Feel free to dig it and perhaps start your adventure into the healthy and wealthy world of drinks too.

I came across this event by the chance of attending the Portland Bridal Show at the Convention Center and putting my name on a email list. And as a networker I decided to go check it out. Oh and by the way the company of the event is actually "Perium", I was saying, Prium. LOL

Feel free to comment below on your thoughts of:

1) Do you think drinking health drinks actually work?

2) Why people perhaps aren't proactive about their habits?

3) Or whatever floats your boat?

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